Prosperity Bowl of Goodness

Prosperity Bowl of Goodness

Valid till 12 March 2021


Just in a blink of an eye, we are now approaching the Lunar New Year!

Our chefs have come up with special dishes for “Prosperity Bowl of Goodness” specially dedicated for this important occasion!

Presenting to you… our heroes in this series.

Our Butter Truffle Lobster Truffle Creamy Penne ($28.90) is made with lobster, topped with butter truffle paste, on a bed of creamy penne cooked with Truffle sauce. This pasta dish is rich, creamy, and flavourful! What a luxurious way to celebrate the beginning of the yea.

Our Teriyaki Chashu Don ($20.90) is a fragrant Japanese rice bowl topped with Teriyaki chashu made with Chestnut pork, finished with black and white Goma (sesame seeds), and yellow pickle. As you may not know, but Chestnut pork has a nice texture and also healthier with unsaturated fat. Enjoy this healthy dish that is also miam miam (french for yum yum)!

Seabass Fillet with Low Calories Shirataki Noodle ($22.90) Made from the konjac plant, shirataki noodles are low in calories and a gluten-free alternative to pasta. Topped with slices of pan-seared seabass with our selection of special spices. Served with Butter Ponzu sauce. Indulge without guilt!

If you have always been a fan of Miam Miam’s pasta, then this may be your choice instead. Seabass Fillet with Aglio Olio ($22.90) is made of slices of seabass pan-seared with our selection of special spices, on a bed of pasta Aglio olio with asparagus and chili. Served with Butter Ponzu sauce for extra oomph!

Last but not least, always ends your meal with a sweet note.

Golden Fortune Mini Pancake ($12.80) is Miam Miam’s signature pancake in mini size. Each plate contains 4 pieces which are made of choices of Original, Valrhona Chocolate, Strawberry, and Houjicha. Perfect for sharing! *contains nuts.

Come join us in celebrating the Lunar New Year!