Miam Miam Celebrates Local Taste

Miam Miam Celebrates Local Taste


Miam Miam is proud to announce the launch of our brand-new menu! This menu is a perfect marriage between Miam Miam classics and local taste. These five creations are all lovingly made and bound to satiate taste buds.

The star of the menu? Truffle Black Pepper Crab Pasta! ($22.9) Black Pepper is probably one of Singapore’s best-known tastes! This Miam Miam pasta is prepared with local iconic seafood dish: soft shell crab and jumbo crab meat. Cooked in black pepper crab sauce, over our Truffle oil-infused pasta.

If you prefer something other than pasta, dig into our Chicken Rendang Soufflé! ($16.9) It’s a French savoury soufflé topped on slow-simmered spiced meat a.k.a Rendang.

Then up the indulgence with the Salted Egg Cereal Fries $9.90. Straight cut fries coat with salted egg sauce and topped with cereal, garnished with crispy curry leaves.

Complete your meal with our special SG55 Original Soufflé Pancake at only $5.50 when you spend $55.

Last but not least, end your meal with our Ginger Honey Lemon $6.90. An all-natural homemade drink made with ginger, honey, and lemon. Soothing drink that is great to pair with any of our main course or enjoy it on its own.

We look forward to serving you soon! Merci!