Umami : The Taste We Love of Japan

Umami : The Taste We Love of Japan

Valid from 13 March 2019 till 13 May 2019


Have you tasted anything so wholesome, so delicious and so satisfying that is difficult for you to describe? In the early 1900s, a Japanese chemist named Kikunae Ikeda had coined a word that has now become a popular expression to describe ‘deliciousness’. The word ‘umami’ うま味, can be translated as ‘pleasant savoury taste’ or is also described as the ‘fifth taste’.

With the aim of bringing the ‘umami’ experience to you, we have created irresistible dishes by handpicking, combining and cooking with ingredients of natural deliciousness.

Salmon Skewer Salad with Onigiri | $16.90

Miam Miam’s salad with appetizing French dressing; served with thick and power-packed Omega-3 skewered salmon cubes. This dish is paired with Japanese Furikake Onigiri to complete your daily required fuel!

Tsukemen Fettuccini Gyoza | $16.90

Tsukemen, the art of noodle dipping is now available at Miam Miam! Dip Fettuccini and Zucchini strips into the umami thick pork broth, and pair it with bites of the hearty pan-fried Gyoza.

Lobster Squid Ink Rice
Whole $36.90 | 1/2 Lobster $27.90

Torching garlic and cheese brings an indescribable aroma to the ‘pan seared’ lobster topped with Togarashi. Served with squid ink rice, seafood lovers will smile with blackened teeth while enjoying this dish! Fun fact, Japanese in the past with black teeth were seen as beautiful.

Lobster Squid Ink Pasta
Whole $35.90 | 1/2 Lobster $26.90

Not in the mood for rice? Try out our garlic and cheese lobster with squid ink pasta.

Lobster Aglio Olio
Whole $35.90 | 1/2 Lobster $26.90

Classic Miam Miam Aglio Olio served with garlic and cheese lobster.


  • Order a juicy grilled Salmon Skewer for only $3.90 with orders of any main course from this campaign.
  • Enjoy a cup of Iced or Hot Matcha at 50% off with any orders of main course from this promotion.

Come on over, try and enjoy ‘umami’ the taste we love of Japan!