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Miam Miam Kids Meal

Miam Miam is proud to announce the launch of our brand-new kids’ menu! The menu will be available from $8.90.

The Volcano Tomato Rice (S$8.90) promises an explosion of flavours! The bed of savoury tomato rice is fried with back bacon and shimeji mushrooms. Another red-hot offering is the Volcano Mac and Cheese (S$8.90), which is a new spin on the creamy classic. Both mainstays are topped with freshly whipped and baked soufflé. Tomato sauce flows from the peak of the soufflé, like lava expelled from a volcano!

Volcano Tomato Rice

Volcano Mac & Cheese

Next up is the addictive Kitty Chicken Fingers (S$8.90), which features tomato fried rice with frankfurters and crispy baked chicken fingers. The rice takes the motif of a cat, and it will brighten up a kid’s day! The meal is accompanied with healthy carrots and corn. Equally adorable is the Meatball Pasta (S$8.90), which showcases delicious Bolognese meatballs atop a mound of al dente pasta. The smiley egg omelette will bring a grin to your child’s face!

Kitty Chicken Fingers

Meatball Pasta

Cap off the meal with a Growing Up Sundae (S$4.90). The dessert comes in a planter, with Oreo crumbs as the soil and a sliced strawberry that symbolises life and growth. What a delightful finale!

Growing Up Sundae

Available at all Miam Miam French Japanese Cafe Kitchen daily.

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