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Let’s Makan! Classics with Local Twist!

Miam Miam is proud to announce the launch of our brand-new menu! This menu is a perfect marriage between Miam Miam classics and local twist. It is set to showcase seven creations, all lovingly made and bound to satiate taste buds.


The star of the menu? Chilli Crab Pasta! ($22.9) This Miam Miam pasta is prepared with local iconic seafood dish: soft shell crab and jumbo crab meat. Cooked in flavourful Award winning chilli crab sauce.


Or go with the simple but gratifying Gong Bao Chicken Pasta. ($16.9) Classic Aglio Olio styled pasta tossed with homemade gong bao sauce, chicken, cashew nuts, and dried chilli. Slightly tangy, slightly sweet while fitting to our local palates.


If you prefer something other than pasta, dig into our Chicken Rendang Soufflé! ($16.9) It’s a French savoury soufflé topped on slow-simmered spiced meat a.k.a Rendang. Rest assured it’s not crispy!


Then up the indulgence with the Golden Salted Egg Chicken Karaage. ($10.9) Succulent Chicken Karaage coated with salted egg yolks and garnished with crispy curry leaves.


The elusive balance of sweet and savoury Coconut Soufflé ($10.80) is the perfect ending to a hearty meal!


For the Gula Melaka Latte, ($5.8 for hot; $6.8 for iced) the nice coconutty flavours of the Gula Melaka married with coffee and milk makes for a heavenly combo!



A local classic that never goes out of style, Miam Miam Bandung Shake ($6.8) is made with rose syrup and topped with Vanilla softee.


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